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    Angry Reputation Dispute

    Post/Thread Reputation was received on:
    Date: 9/4
    Reason for dispute: Fairness / staff professionalism
    User who gave Reputation: @Azerila

    I will post a few screenshots first

    1) this is what I said to @Azerila the other day when he was kinda rude and called a member stupid so I de-repped I didnt think it was nice, right? or professional considering their role on this site

    "lets be sensible"

    2) this is what Azerila said

    I once didn't know outside links were allowed its not really stupid he could just be totally unaware

    3) this is what I got de-repped by Azerila for,
    something totally unrelated to them and I was joking w/ @Hero lol not even talking to whoever Azerila is

    at the end here Its not really fair for @Azerila to de-rep me because I was joking back and forth w/ Hero
    Secondly, do you hvae a grudge or sum? lets be nice to each other
    Thirdly I think he's on a power trip or something. Mentioned the staff / power card which is super unprofessional and also not necessary or kind
    can be seen here

    Fourthly I dont think its fair to call someone stupid either @Azerila for not knowing the rules all the site especially if you're still considered new

    I even got de-repped for this once
    Seen below

    Lastly @Azerila you should be nicer man its not cool, yes I am aware i said the same thing back to you in the reply but it was due and respectable
    you are just instigating things for no reason

    @Liz thank you for your time
    dis shit ded


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    Your rep was invalid because there was no direct interaction. I'll remove both.
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