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    Selling Main High-Tier Radiant Account

    classic: prime, striker, shimmer, premiere collision, fire/arm
    shorty: karabasan, wayfinder, velocity, snakebite, hue shift
    frenzy: divine swine, task force, swooping, live wire, hydrodip, cobra
    ghost: spitfire, soul silencer, piedra del sol, lycan's bane
    sheriff: singularity, schema, magepunk, ion, immortalized, game over, death wish, .sys
    stinger: immortalized, .sys, lycan's bane, schema, shimmer
    spectre: magepunk, velocity, task force, striker, hue shift
    bucky: piedra del sol, hydrodip, .sys
    judge: chronovoid, shimmer, piedra del sol, hydrodip, divine swine, cobra
    bulldog: premiere collision, velocity, striker, shimmer, hue shift
    guardian: magepunk, prime, hydrodip, immortalized, spitfire
    phantom: oni, velocity, task force, piedra del sol, hue shift
    vandal: Chronovoid, forsaken, prime, .sys, immortalized, lycan's bane, schema
    marshall: premiere collision, cobra, divine swine, task force
    operator: ion, striker, spitfire
    ares: premiere collision, spitfire, divine swine
    Odin: xenohunter, cobra, lycan's bane, schema
    melee: RGX BLADE, velocity karambit, task force knife, striker knife, Obsidiana, .sys melee

    Asking Price: 300 EUR
    Preferred Method: Paypal
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