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    Unhappy Need help hacking forward assault (only working on arm64)

    Hi everyone i am trying to make an esp for forward assault but it only works on arm64-v8a. For the esp i need to call
    static Camera get_MainCamera() from class CameraManager : MonoBehaviour
    to get the camera object.
    I'm calling it like this:

    void *get_camera() {
    static const auto get_camera_injected = reinterpret_cast<uint64_t(__fastcall *)()>(getAbsoluteAddress(
    libName, 0x174BBD0)); //arm64 0x1A0ECF4
    return (void *) get_camera_injected();

    If i compile the mod menu and put it in the arm64-v8a apk then get_camera() returns the camera object but in the arm-v7a apk get_camera() returns null. The problem is that the floating menu i want to use only works on arm-v7a.
    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
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