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    Post I just want to create an aimbot

    Please point me on the right direction, I want to create an aimbot, my gender is male.
    reason why: am playing a game and there are a lot of cheater so I decided to search online for free cheats but I only found files with virus so I thought that I just want to learn how to create one, I simplified but its true that what I thought that time.

    I did some research and found out that creating a cheat is not easy for people with no background in programming, my english is not good sry, for starter I decided to learn a beginner c++ from code academy, a free online course, my progress is very slow I'm hurt, right now am at the basic and can understand the reason why something is used for this or that but there are still a lot that am confused, that's why am going back to previous lessons to try and learn and understand it more,

    right now am blind and don't know where to go, I found vids on yt but they skip some parts so I can't follow or some of them are advanced and they don't discuss on what to learn they only discuss on how to create the cheat, I think it might took very long time to create a real cheat maybe even 20 years or maybe I won't be able to create one in this timeline, but its okay I might not be doing the best decision or I might be delusional I don't even know if someone would reply but its okay, what should be next after basic c++? ty
    am less active in the game because a friend I met online left me hanging in the lobby and created another lobby without inviting me, but its okay it feels bad and I didn't chase maybe am not just good enough, first i think I want to learn to create cheat to hack the game but now I only want to create cheat and don't know what next

    sry for the post if it bothering just pls ignore it I know am sometimes say a bit of not related info to give background or if you think am not good, if you think so just pls ignore my post, thank you
    If you think am funny its okay, it's normal to get hurt when you care, yes man up but doesn't mean you should not feel or talk, if you didn't get hurt in life even once then good, people will always have opinion on everyone even in family thats why its okay, yes you fail but that I should atleast try so it doesn't feel bad again, all bad things that happened in life is my fault and only mine, a funny story when I applied with my friend why is my interviewer so very very very strict with questions that feels like they want you to fail despite seeing my resume that I don't have experience and everyone he interviews goes out with a sad face while the other side everyone that gets interviewed I hear them laugh but I realize its my fault, if am more prepared I could have done well, if only I have more charisma it might've gotten much better, I always get the short end of the stick that I get so used to failing that I developed a power to attract the bad things without my conscious I do bad decisions, it's my fault and only mine, when I was still studying that time I decided to focus on studies and doing good but out of the blue I got into an accident and wasn't able to attend school for 3 months then got depressed but that's my fault, if only I am more careful things might've not been the same, my mindset is a b*tch and I know that, I always want to blame others but I know that it's my own fault,

    when I try to be better there are always things that happens to prevent it that's why am a b*tch for thinking like that, there are people who doesn't have what I have but still struggle that's why I want to try and make my life better, if I try it won't feel bad again, I've taken a computer course before when I was still studying but I didn't learn anything because I'm lazy, not focused on studies, I didn't know my priorities and had to work while doing my studies so my goal at that time was only to pass, that's why it's funny that now am back learning programming the thing that I missed learning before, the thing that I didn't learn before when studying, and am at the very basic without a knowledge of it and am learning the basic course am not even at advance course, I want to learn it again this time and try harder, there might be something that will happen that prevents me but I don't wanna be a b*tch again, now I want to commit more, if I fail I don't care as long as I tried very hard it won't feel bad again, I might be delusional but its okay no matter what you do its very normal that people has something to say, I might be asking too much but Please point me on the right direction on what's needed to create an aimbot for beginners. Tysm
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    Sir, this is the homework section. If you want to learn programming to make your life better, you don't focus in on just an aimbot. You go out and make other things. It just seems like you want a free cheat.
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    Add me on discord, I can help you out


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