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    Need help recovering paypal password

    This is complicated but ill try explain it best i can . A friends husband died, i sent money to them through meta/facebook and we did not realize that the meta account for receiving money has gone to her dead husbands paypal account.

    We are unsure where the money went to because i seen the money get taken out of my bank but it did not go into their bank . So i think it is still stuck in the dead guys paypal.

    They tried to put in ever password they could remember and have no way to access the phone because once the person dies their phone number eventually gets deleted so they cant do 2-factor auth.

    Is there a way to hack/crack a paypal account or a program i can use to input the email and run some codes to figure out the password.
    Just looking ot see if there is anyone out there on this site that may know any program, help, or advise in to what i can do to get my money back to me .

    EDIT: Maybe another option if paypal is harder what if there is a way to hack a yahoo email account so we can get in and use the 2-factor auth
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    You're fucked unless you can create a dispute through PayPal. But since you sent through meta, safe to say it's a loss.

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    It will be tough to hacking PayPal. May be try to contact PayPal support through friend's family. May be it will help in any way.

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