Hello, I've been trying to hack the game, flyff Legacy for a long time, or rather just increase the gems to the maximum.

In case someone doesn't know the game, it's an Anime Mmoprg game, for mobile, from the developers Gala Lab corp.

Well, I got various tutorials and the necessary programs Nox player to play it on the PC, dumper, apkeasytool.
First I used the epk easy tool to decompile it, then sent the libil2ccp and the global meta data to the dumper,
everything worked fine so far.
Opened the dumper with the notepat ++ and hex, editor and found the most necessary things and changed them,
that again Compliments and installs everything saved beforehand, now the problem can start the game but I can't log in with google play or facebook, only as a guest, the diamonds that I heard are e.g. 999999. But I can't use them , does anyone have any tips on how best to solve this?