The short version is i have been being harassed on xbox for over a year by people who make endless free accounts to message and stalk me. Every account i block they make a new one. I have changed my gamertag over 10 times and adjusted my privacy settings to strict but they are always able to find me through previous message history.

I want to know if there is a way for me to tell Microsoft that I am locked out of my account of that I lost access to it somehow then verify all the account credentials in order for them to do a data transfer to a brand new account? I had a friend actually get scammed for his account once and he went through this process to get his account back.

The thing is I dont want to risk getting caught in a lie and losing my account. I just want my data transferred to a new account so that all the social history(i.e. messages, friends lists, followers) are all completely clean and so these people cannot keep messaging me since it will technically be a different account that had my content data transferred to.

I thought maybe I could tell them that I no longer have the same email provider and that the email account is closed as well as not having access to the phone number on file because I didnt pay the bill and the number has been recycled. I dont know enough about this stuff and i just want to continue to play games in peace without losing everything i have purchased over the years as well as all my game progress and saves.

Is this possible to do? does anyone have any info on how to do this?