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    Thumbs up Void Aura Non-Mem Bot | Most suitable for endgame accounts for efficiency [RE/3.8+]

    Best on RE for me but if your 3.8+ Lag Killer works then probably on that as well.

    This bot ports you on the right locations (no weird out of bounds positioning)
    easier bosses are done on solo rooms because when players are one-shotting it; you pretty much will be wasting a lot of time, so this bot is best used if you already have good Solo classes like VHL, UOK, etc.


    [ Misc ]

    Change Skill order to your preferred class, default is using UOK.
    Turn ON lag killer because some maps like Tengu is so laggy.
    Turn OFF reject drops if you want any of the drops aside from the Essences.
    Delay is at 400 on default because Artix server is so congested, it will ruin the action flow if you go even faster while the ping is high.
    If you feel like you can confidently solo everything then replace every map porting lines to mapname-956756. (lines that starts with "Join: Mapname-XXXX, Enter, Spawn")

    Maps that I didn't include on solo rooms:
    - Black Knight (greenguardwest)
    - Carnax (aqlesson)
    - Chaos Vordred (necrocavern)
    - Void Dragon (dragonchallenge)


    Average Void Aura's I get per week is probably around 1.3K~ including the Daily quest yield using this bot.
    estimate usage time is ranging around 10hr. per day. The bot stacks the drops to 100/100 for the bulk turn-ins.

    Virus Scans:
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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    Currently working on some Efficient AQW Bots:

    • Gold farm bots; Optimized BattleGroundE bot, DarkWarNation bot
    • Complete Legion Revenant bot (Legion Fealty 1, 2, 3)
    • Legion Beast Head bot
    • Complete Void Highlord bot
    • and probably more, if I get some time...

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