While I understand that many won't give a whole lot of shit about this, but wanted to make a thread about it anyways.

So prior to gaining access to the account again I've been absolutely busy with living, moved in total of 3 times, living on my own is absolutely fucking great, apartment bill been 200-350 (depending on a season), been working a part-time job where the pay has been absolutely flawless since last month, where we (we as in the me and the coworkers got a pay raise) but I hate doing the job now, at the beginning, it was awesome, but now all they're doing is complaining and having lot of issues with me due to the fact that I'm slow due to my fucking disability. Been also doing YouTube as part-time without getting paid for it, but I'm dedicated to the YouTube grind, while being an introvert when it comes to the channel.

This is pretty much why, I have not been around as much lately, but it is somewhat good to be back.

Mods are also doing an amazing job, can't wait to see how the new forum going to look like, whenever that releases, no real rush to get it done, I would help if I knew how or had skills that are required for it. For anyone who would like to know more about my YouTube channel, do let me know.

TL;DR: YouTube grind, living on my own, and having a job that I hate.