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    Exclamation theHunter Classic update

    Would love an updated cheat for theHunter Classic. There is one now but it's probably 5-10 years old still works though.

    It has ESP,
    Lodge Inventory(change gear whenever),
    Delivery Mode (all animals within your render distance gets teleported to set distance from you),
    Crosshair(just a crosshair),
    Teleport To(teleport to animal you look at with esp).

    I would love just a steady aim or infinite hold breath. Preferably steady aim so there is 0 wobble. That's the only thing missing from the current one but I'd love all other options + steady aim(and maybe freeze the animal in place instead of teleporting them). Perhaps a zoom option too if that's doable.

    Thanks in advance, I can send possible link to the other cheat or send the .exe
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