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    unban request

    My account "devBeast" got banned so easly
    like no biggy, not even carring who is right or wrong
    the customer is not always right, it happens some just wanna be mean for the sake of being mean
    "failure to resolve scam report", I hope the ban at least happened both ways cause how can you solve something that didn't happen ? no problem, no solution if someone invents a problem that doesn't exist only he can fix that...

    + he still tried to contact me after that
    I was like yo, I'm gonna solve this dude's problem he finally grew some and then I see him telling me refund me and I ask them to get you unbanned

    btw in the meanwhile the customer he said I've scammed :

    him :
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    the confessions of his friend who told him about my services :

    - - - Updated - - -

    "i refers to future"

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    It looks like you’re writing unsubstantiated nonsense. Would you like to turn on all caps?
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    Just reviewed it all, request denied.

    Scam report aside, you are clearly not aware of the rules here. You are using MPGH to facilitate selling of a bypass. A bypass that is not mentioned in your selling thread.

    Rules clearly state: "No selling products for games for non in-game content (e.g. hacks, bypasses, programs, bots, tutorials). (Permanent Ban)"

    If it was the report alone, an unban could have happened after talking with the marketplace staff since I do not see you ever telling them the bypass is permanent. Nevertheless, it was the bypass that caused this to come to light. And it's the bypass that landed you a solid permanent ban.

    EDIT: After talking with MP staff it's already seen you deleted messages that insinuated it was a permanent bypass.

    I'll see if I can update your ban message as to not cause further confusion from this point on. Good day.
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