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    Exclamation [MPGH]Cursed Help Please!

    eu nao estou fugindo de banimento, nao precisava banir a conta @ terrycrews apenas queria uma resposta sobre o banimento da conta brunopacman e ali era o local apropriado para postar segundo a MPGH nao entendo o motivo do banimento das contas brunopacman e @ terrycrews apenas queria ajudar a comunidade, eu nao sabia que o arquivo nao podia estar fora da MPGH por favor retirem o banimento, nao foi por mal eu queria apenas ajudar a comunidade, nao estou fugindo de banimento por favor nao bane essa conta.

    I'm not running away from a ban, I didn't need to ban the account @ terrycrews I just wanted an answer about the ban on the brunopacman account and that was the appropriate place to post according to MPGH I don't understand the reason for the ban on the brunopacman accounts and @ terrycrews just wanted to help the community, I didn't know that the file couldn't be outside MPGH, please remove the ban, it wasn't a bad thing, I just wanted to help the community, I'm not running away from a ban, please don't ban this account.
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    It looks like you’re writing unsubstantiated nonsense. Would you like to turn on all caps?
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    No. Stop. Ban evasion is another permanent ban. If you want to create a new account go ahead, but if we can tie it to a main banned account, it will be banned as well.

    Take that as you will, but your request is denied and all future requests of an unban(or answers as you say) will be met the same. You were asking for an unban, you were met with a decision and answers to that ban. I get you may have had good intentions, but we have rules in place to prevent people being infected by malware & you broke those rules. Absolutely no reason for this thread.

    Again, good day.

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    Rep and Thanks always appreciated!!!

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