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    Question Ban Appeal - IfOnlyYouKnew

    Reason for ban: Outside contact rule violation via signature to discord server. I dissolved the server it is no more.

    I agree it was a valid ban and I should have/did know better. I would like to express my apologies on a clear violation of the rules. I have pondered whether or not I wanted to truly come back to MPGH for a while now. Peeking about keeping an eye on active areas of the forum.

    I can promise you on everything that I hold near & dear, I miss MPGH and most of all "IfOnly you didn't post a link to a discord server" I mean IfOnlyYouKnew....

    No ones perfect and I took the time I needed to humble back up a bit, I mean much of my life has gone to shambles in the last 6 months. Personally it is what started that led to the discord server, as I had no clue when I was going to be gone. (At that point a genuine misunderstanding of the outside contact rule)....then I had posted to the server and made contact.....immediate grounds for my ban right then and there.

    Anyhow Cursed stayed and gave me a chance to explain, I did a piss poor job while still being civil of course . thinking I wanted to move away from MPGH, This is not the case, I kind of like you bunch of *********'s. <--Delights of course. MPGH is still a great and prominent site.

    I would like to once again start posting and return to MPGH. Without my account name and reputation that I had started building it's really not worth it to me / until my fudge up with the Lovely Beautiful Joyous Breathtaking Delightful Staff Members everything was peachy. I have been learning a lot and would love to come back.

    TLDR IfOnlyYouKnew Please shutup as usual:

    I understand the reason for my ban, I will be extra cautious to avoid any type of future violation of any of the site rules in the forthcoming future. I sincerely apologize for my lapse in judgement and severance of reliability upon thyself. I would truly appreciate at the very least being able to come back under my Account Name once again.
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    Ban has been lifted.

    Just ask for clarification in future.
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