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    Lightbulb IOYK Noobworks

    The beginning of me coding something, using my noob skills and nada. Since cheat-engine used to work for everything, I figure I can create my own and learn along the way.....really really learn via long hours of torture in docs on IL2CPP, C++, x64ASM, Understanding Process Memory, Process Management, Injection: DLL injection or manual mapping, Memory Editing, Pointers, ETC.

    I'm still unsure of what way in which I feel like going about it all. I'm not the biggest fan of following standard methods to accomplish goals, although I have no problem with it all. In short should be a fun long-term project to attempt. I know that I know nothing and that's good enough to start.

    I like writing in yeah, I suck. Added a button to update and return the processes list.

    Couldn't they just use mono I like being a noob.

    Updated again:

    Will be figuring out more: added filter, byte, float, string, integer. Adding memRange next/previous. Need to add different methods and such.

    Going to be adding a way to view threads stack frames via drop down to avoid excess UI elements.
    a way to inspect memory heap pointers and structures and so on.

    Update 3:

    Idk, I feel like this is ok for like maybe 2 hours work so far. LMAO my mistake you can't see the new form in video3, uploading a new one asap. fixed it.
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