Hey Guys, I have a problem with a sum of pointers:

Here is CE Pointers:

Here is my code:

    Public Function ReturnRealHEXAddress(ByVal baseAddr As Integer, ByVal Offsets() As Integer)
        For Each Offset In Offsets
            baseAddr += Offset
            RichTextBox2.Text += vbNewLine & Offset.ToString("X") & " -> " & baseAddr.ToString("X")

        Return baseAddr.ToString("X")
    End Function

'Button 1:

        Dim BaseAddress As Integer = &H6241A8C
        Dim OffSets() As Integer = {&H7C, &H4CC, &H70, &H4E8}

        TextBox1.Text = ReturnRealHEXAddress(BaseAddress, OffSets)
However, this is the sum being made:

6241A8C + 7C -> 6241B08
6241B08 + 4CC -> 6241FD4
6241FD4 + 70 -> 6242044
6242044 + 4E8 -> 624252C

Final address is returning 0624252C and not 0579C858 as it is in the cheat engine.

It should be the same as the image I sent of the CE pointer, but it isn't, can anyone help me, I don't know what's wrong, I've tried different ways and nothing.