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    New Minion Required

    Heyo, we're looking for a new minion for Battleon. Here's the usual shpeel for minion applications. Read it carefully. Message me if you have any questions. Don't post on this thread, this is for applications only. Any non-application posts will be deleted and potentially infractions and/or bans if you're a weirdo.

    So, what are Minions and what do they do?
    Minions help moderate sections and keep them clean from threads and posts that break site rules and policies. They also test all uploaded content for any security risks and advertisements. Finally, they help assist users with any questions or concerns they might have regarding the section(s) or site.

    • Must be able to test all uploaded files, for any security risks and advertisements.
    • Must be familiar with and a regular in these section(s).
    • Must have at least 4 months on the site.
    • Must have proven BEFORE the applications a willingness to assist & contribute to the section.
    • At least 300 posts to even be considered.
    • Must be able to not only uphold the rules of the site, but abide by them.
    • Must be active.
    • Must be proficient with the English language.

    • User-tag and name colour. (Shown above)
    • Staff benefits.
    • Possible promotions to Minion+ and above.
    • Other enhancements/access to hidden forums.

    Application Format:

    Name: (Nicknames are fine)
    Do you have school/work? (If so what are the usual times and days you will be away)
    Location: (Country + Timezone)
    Activity by Hours:
    Are you staff or special member in any other site?: (What position/Group)
    Why should you be chosen as minion: (Please try to give examples on how you've helped members in this section, or other reasons as to why you're a good candidate)

    We reserve the right to select a current staff member instead of, or in addition to a new minion.
    This is usually determined by quality of applicants, their history with the site and/or staff and admins.
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    Name: IfOnlyYouKnew (Red)
    Age: 23

    Do you have school/work? (Not at the moment, but likely sometime this year for the schooling, as for a job, need one to survive in most cases)

    Location: (USA GMT-7)
    Times-Online: Morning and Late Night.

    Activity by Hours:
    This one confused me a bit, what do you mean Activity by Hours?
    MPGH active hours? 5-7 hours a week, an hour a day hopefully if not, I usually check the site at least 3 days a week.

    Are you staff or special member in any other site?: (No)

    Why should you be chosen as minion:
    I do think another candidate would be a prime choice over myself.
    I understand I'm still in the muck a little with staff due to my actions which is perfectly understandable.

    I am of course not the best as you know. My time is still imperfect and being honest I have 0 plans to take over any sections beyond Battleon, as with just this section it fits my skill limit/time available in most cases since it's not as active as many of the other areas.

    I post here and am likely the foremost person to post content in need of approval in the Battleon section. I learned to be a new noobie staff member already, granted a bit ago.

    You may freely ignore this, just wanted to state I am not opposed to lending a temporary helping hand, until someone else takes over. I miss Poonce /.

    I am willing to lend a hand/help in the case you are unable to find a suitable Minion within your preferred allotted timeframe. I understand I have reasons against me to reject my staff application (Totally fine, just wanted to offer in case you need help, if you could I wouldn't even need to be a staff mem but I know that's not how it works). In short, I appreciate you all <3 and wish you the best of luck in getting someone, I'm here in the off chance you need me, anytime! I am sincerely sorry for my previous actions and am looking forward to the future ahead. I hope the new site work has been making strides!

    Best Regards,
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