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    Post MPGH Platinum Theme 0.42 Extension

    Hey everyone! I had previously posted a theme but it was less true to classic MPGH appearance. It had a few more issues and had been put together slightly differently. Here's the one I am working on and using now.

    Depending on your browser you will likely need to enable devmode.
    Extract the Extension folder from the zip.
    If on edge/chromium based you can likely head to your browser://extensions page for ex: edge://extensions
    then drag and drop folder in.

    I will be updating this later on, for now it is presented as-is. As it needs manifest updates/etc.

    This version is at about a halfway point, covers most bases but whilst uploading I realized needs to be touched up and a few other things in the upload theming and such. Anyhow I enjoy dark-mode themes. Here's what I am currently working with.

    At the bottom of MPGH in the left make sure you are set to the theme "MPGH v2" not anything else as this has issues with dark that prevent certain menu items from functioning as it's based on the v2dark theme already.

    The images show a little bit of what it's like.

    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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