Hey all,

I am thinking about selling my WOT Account because i need some money.

Here are the details:

EU Region Account
Created 2015
15.714 Battles
4.162 WOT Rating

Campains Completed STUGIV, T28Concept, T55A, Excalibur;

Tanks in the Garage by Tier (76 Total):
X (41): E50, Leopard1, Kpz 07PE, Grille, JagdE100, (E100 Unlocked but not in Garage), GW E100, T100lt, Obj 140, IS7, Obj 277, Obj 780, Obj 268, M48A5 Patton, M60, T110E3, T110E4, T92HMC, AMX13, EBR 105, BC 155 58, Manticore, Centurion AX, Concept 5, Super Conqueror, Badger, FV1005, Conqueror GC, 121B, 133BO, STB 1, TVP T, VZ55, CS 63, 60TP, UDES 15 16; Kranvagn, Strv 103B, Progetto 65, Lion, Rionoceronte, Minotauro;
IX (10): BC 25t, Kunze, T55 A, E75, Tiger Maus, KPz3 07 HK, AE Phase 1, Char Futur 4, Chieftain Proto, Strv K;
VIII (16): M41 Walker Bulldog, AMX AC mle 48, ELC EVEN, Bourrasque, GSOR 1010 FB; GSOR 1008, BZ 176, Type 63, Skoda T 27, Skoda T 56, SHPTK, Tornvagn, Progetto 46, Vipera;
VII (4): Spähpanzer SP 1, S 51, IS 2, BZ 58;
VI (4): VK 30 01, SU 100, ARL 44, Burza;
V (1): PzKpfw IV Ausf F2;

Most of the Tanks especially the Tier X have 3D Skins on them. Multiple Tanks are Gunmarked and multiple have bond equip.

I dont have too much Gold Credits or anything so thats not worth mentioning.

How much could i ask for this ACC.