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    Doing Better!

    I've never been as happy as I am currently. Being able to do what I most enjoy is a really good aspect in the happiness of mine at the moment.

    YouTube channel at the moment is at 121 subscribers and 17k+ total views with 255 (at this time) videos have been uploaded.
    TikTok page at the moment is at 21 followers and 3k+ views within 7 days with about 10-20 videos have been uploaded.

    Despite the fact that my dad has unfortunately passed away, and still dealing with it (probably will never get over it), and the unfortunate loss of a job. But otherwise it has been awesome, I'm really joyful. I do hope one of these days I will be able to earn money from either or both platforms..

    If anyone who might be curious or interested in any shape or form, you can check them out, you're not forced to if you don't like the style of content.
    YouTube channel
    TikTok Page
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