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    Need help with starting a HUGE project (this goes for AZUMKILL, CrazyApple, IZ3RO etc

    Hey, I'm trying to do a really HUGE project (mod) that requires A LOT of help! Thats why I need really good modders, the only ones I know is AZUMKILL, Crazyapple, Josephlittle and IZ3RO (sorry if I spelled your names wrong).

    This project is very secret because it has never been done before, and it will be really awesome! Any awesome modder like the names above will be much appreciated! If you have skype or MSN please list them in the comments below and I will add you to the team (which by now is only me :P)

    Please join because the mod is really HUGE and there will be lots and lots of code, so I need all the good modders I can get!

    The whole idea of MSN / skype is for us to talk togther and decide which code to use, what commands are more likely to help, and to hand out jobs

    Please comment this thread with:

    MSN \ Skype:
    Any experience in coding: (if this is someone from the names i mentioned earlier no need to right it down, I know your experience )

    Please help and thanks in advance

    The Current Team:

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