Hey guys,
Been browsing through the forums recently after having not been on for a couple of weeks, and I'm shocked at how much this "General Hacking" section has turned into a "Game Hacking" section!
Its time to change guys, go to the game hacking sections if you wanna talk about that stuff, this area is for real hacking.
Anyways that wasn't meant to be part of this post but i got kinda carried away
So this post is about the one.. the only.. LINUX!

For those of you who don't know (because you spend your life under a rock, or playing games for that matter) Linux is an OS (operating system) that runs on the UNIX platform. Linux comes in many distros (distributions) such as: Ubuntu (the most popular and my personal favourite), Fedora (based on the same build as Ubuntu "gnome"), OpenSUSE and Linux Mint.

Now your probably thinking at this point "what the hell has this got to do with hacking?" or "does this guy just like the sound of his own voice?" well I'm coming to that!
So the distros i mentioned above are all friendly versions of linux, with a nice GUI and no real purpose (other than being infinitely better than windows) but what i haven't told you about is the serious side of linux, the hacking side.

So what i REALLY wanted to talk about is this... Linux BackTrack 4 Final (google it)
Linux BT4 is a distro that focus solely on "hacking" and "pentesting" (for those of you who dont know pentesting is short for penetration testing)
It gives you a plethora (good word there) of hacking tools right at your fingertips, from cracking WEP keys and hacking wireless networks to finding flaws in antivirus software and how to exploit them.
BT4 is mainly used by intelligence agency's to test their servers for flaws and possible holes.BT4 was created to change the way people think about protecting there computer teaching them that OFFSEC (offensive security) is often better than DEFSEC (Im sure you can guess what that stands for).

Im not gonna bore you with anymore, if you got this far congrats!
I will be releasing a post either tomorrow or in a few days on how YOU can use BT4 to improve you hacking skills!