I found out i was banned till the 10/16/10 idk why but it said i had ads in the hack. The hack has no ads, the hack is great its not VIP and not leeched it just toke a long time to get full versions of OPK, telekill, glitcher and teleport.

I'm sry guys i cant release the hack, i think MPGH doesn't want me to, if not can a MPGH worker send me a message on MPGH explaining why I can't and why I got banned. So if you want the hack ask me for it and ill get permission from my friend and MPGH. /yea /yea /yea

You Can't Hold Me Back Cause I'll Get You One Way or Another

Your Either With Us or Against Us, So Reload and Keep Doing What You Love


For: MPGH workers

Can you please un-bann my acc - ijuswannarock cause there are no ads in the hack my friend coded plz unbann my acc and i wont post the hack if you want to but the hack is clean and not leeched and not from MPGH.