Hi guys

I wana buy good crossfire acc

rank doesnt matter

all i care about is the weapons

i buy the acc for zp or paysafecard or paypall

how to do it

i dont like mms and im not scammer i will prove that im not scammer

look at the photos

there is no way to change the email adress without the answer

(dont trust go cheak it by ur self )


First Give Me ID And Password (and Dont Give Me The Answer )

After 15 Sec i will give u the money and if i didnt give u the money or the zp

go change the password

After I Give u the Money U Give me the Answer

I got Scammed Before By MMs THats why i dont want to use them

call me


(i want the id and pass first to make sure that u r the real owner of the Acc

And Im realy pissed of scammers i got scammed twice by trusted MMs

do it on my way or no deal