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    [Tool] Flash CS5 Portable

    Adobe Flash ® Portable

    Adobe Documentation:

    Create for the browser and beyond

    Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 software is the industry standard for interactive authoring and delivery of immersive experiences that present consistently across personal computers, mobile devices, and screens of virtually any size and resolution.

    What's New?

    Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 software combines expressive design features like a new multilingual text engine and more realistic inverse kinematics effects with timesaving development features like extensible code snippets and enhanced ActionScript authoring options.

    Text engine
    Take complete control over your text with print-quality typography via the new Text Layout Framework.

    Code Snippets Panel
    Reduce the ActionScript® 3.0 learning curve and enable greater creativity by injecting prebuilt code into projects.

    XML-based FLA source files
    Manage and modify projects using source control systems and collaborate on files more easily.

    Flash Builder integration
    Use Flash Builder as your primary ActionScript editor for Flash Professional projects.

    Spring for Bones
    Create more realistic inverse kinematic effects with new motion attributes added to the Bones tool.

    Deco drawing tools
    Add advanced animation effects with a new comprehensive set of brushes for the Deco tool.

    Some Features have also been enhanced, Features:

    • The ActionScript editor
    • Creative Suite integration
    • Video improvements
    • Wide content distribution

    I have only worked with CS5 recently, but like the rest of the CS5 suit, I have been very happy with it.

    Attached is a copy of Photoshop CS5 Portable.
    The file is a cracked Portable Version, I use it with no issues, the file is to large to scan, My antivirus does not catch any issues, I cannot say the files comes without Viruses, I can however reiterate the above, i have had no issues with it, there are no signs of anything to worry about, however, keep in mind , this is a cracked portable version of Flash Pro CS5

    It is a 3 part Rar , download the 3 Parts, Extract and run the EXE, no install needed.

    The files are uploading now to Mega-Upload, I have to use Mega-Upload because the files are large. My timing was off, so getting the files now


    When they have uploaded, you can download them (estimated time from this post, 1 hour.)
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