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    Zoompatcher v1.12 updating its own Offset

    New version:
    Fixed some runtime errors... i might fix few bugs again later... but for now the one which sometimes appears at startup should be fixed!

    Well because I was too lazy to always release a new Zoompatch as soon as they update (League of Legends Hacks - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking) I've decided to try making a self updating Patcher. (I will try keep updating the runtime-unlocker because to get that adress is really easy anyway)

    This will look for the offset and if it finds it, it auto patches.

    It patches the client file which is used on playing League of Legends. means you shouldnt be in a game while using, it won't work. This is not runtime!!!


    Insert your Path (mostly found in smth like: C:\RiotGames\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s\\deploy\League of Legends.exe

    Afterwards, press "Create Backup" -> incase a newer version of LoL would get fucked up u can use the backup again afterwards

    If thats done Press "Scan for the Offset" this will scan for the current client offset and save it. It shows if it was success. make sure you choose the right file, if it shows error -> this seems to not be working =(

    After this you can just Patch it and there you go.

    No longer waiting for updates but I take no guarantee on how long this will work, it might already get knocked out after next patch I can never know. But I hope, like you do, that this works for a long time now.
    Any bugs can be posted to this topic. I tested this with the current version and 2 Previous versions. It worked on all.


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