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    All the mods are Leached into this pack

    alright so none of these are mine the makers are mainly of one other site but 2 idk for they on a site thats locked to me due to my internet security... ill have to post their credits later on.
    The Professor- Mabinogi Frontend
    Serge- MNG
    小太郎 - Jap
    Bot- (post later when at a friends)
    Tiara- (soo many leachers claiming this all i can say is creds to true owner if you know him post it)

    Any trouble just post here and ill check back asap and figure out the issue. Mabinogi isnt installed to my computer because i broke the game doing something and awaiting a visit to friends to reinstall.... Limitations on Internet are gay.... No virus scan yet will edit once finished running it
    for some odd reason i had both packs fused and it ended up much larger then 25mb so when i made 2 seperate packs it shrunk down much more so just download then get what youd like from each

    Youll figure out whats in what
    virus scan will be edited in later
    Last edited by Sid; 07-11-2011 at 01:21 PM.
    [] Texture Edit well
    [] Rapid Fire Mod well
    [] mod training ground
    [] Hex Edit Bolt Actions
    [] learn to make Chams
    [] Form a good clan in Combat Arms
    [] Join a good clan and not be kicked for modding or random reason
    [] Item OPP

    =Fail/Not done
    = TuT Gained not atempted
    = well obvious?

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    and attachments removed
    Make a new thread with VS
    I wont do it for you.

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