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    GTA SAMP Section Rules

    GTA SAMP Section Rules

    Please read these rules before posting, or your MPGH account is at risk if you don't know the rules.

    Permanent Ban:
    • Advertisements (IE: "Go to!")
    • Fake Virus Scans (Giving out a virus scan trying to make it seem clean, but it isn't)
    • Scamming of any kind
    • Keylogging/Hacking Other Members
    • Impersonation Of Staff (Shouldn't be easily fooled, for most staff will have a colored name with an [MPGH] tag plus a custom title)
    • Detouring or bypassing the MPGH filter

    1 Day+ Bans:
    • Spam (Posts & Threads)
    • Indirect Advertising (IE: Leeched hack with an advertisement)
    • Emoticon Spamming without an on-topic reply (IE: )
    • Posting in the wrong section

    2 Day+ Bans
    • Excessive Trolling
    • Flaming Other Members
    • Begging For Something (Just because you ask, doesn't mean it isn't begging)
    • Bumping Old Threads (1 Month+ is considered old)
    • Leeching & Claiming Hack Is Yours
    • Not posting the required 2 Virus Scans (Yes two, I suggest using VirusTotal & VirScan)
    • Not posting download as an attachment
    • Not posting required screenshot (TinyPic always works)

    5 Day+ Bans
    • Disrespecting Staff
    • Posting Outside Links (IE: Links from sites like MediaF, file must be attached)
    • Nazi or reported racist comments

    Official MPGH Rules: HERE
    Rules For Uploading To MPGH: HERE

    • You must have two Virus Scans! No matter what two virus scans must be visible, they also must be for the file attached. Not doing so will result in a permanent ban (fake virus scans). If you only have one Virus Scan & you're late to upload another one, I'll do it for you (if it's clean & so that the thread won't turn into spam - no penalty is given for me doing it for you)
    • I suggest using VirusTotal & VirScan for Virus Scans
    • You must have a screenshot using [IMG] tags! I suggest TinyPic as an image uploading site.
    • Your file must be attached, no outside links allowed.

    Complete Guide On Uploading To MPGH: HERE

    Thank you all for reading & be sure to follow the rules!

    Also be aware that rules may change at anytime, so be sure to check back frequently.
    PM Me | VM Me | Rules


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