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    Post Removing Recovery Questions!

    First of all I'd like to mention scammers shouldn't bother viewing this thread, it can only be used for your personal account.
    In order to remove your Recovery Questions you'll have to lock your account, and then appeal it, read further below.

    The Requirements:
    - Enough information to succesfully recover your account.
    - Having the email of the Runescape account set to yours.

    The Method:
    1. Visit the Runescape homepage, hover over 'Account' and then select 'Account Management'.
    2. While in 'Account Management', select 'Recover Your Account' and enter your email for the recovery.
    3. If the email of the Runescape account is set to yours, you will receive an email to automatically reset your password. Click the link in the email to set your new password, enter your username, now close the window!
    4. Repeat steps one and two, but this time you'll receive an email entitled: 'Locked Account Recovery request submitted for your Jagex account ...'
    5. Jagex can either make you submit an appeal to recover the account (if done succesfully your Recovery Questions will be removed), or email you a link which allows you to change the password instantly, which removes your Recovery Questions aswell.

    Feedback is welcome!
    Credits go to 'Italian'.


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