Read these rules before you post in this section, if not your MPGH account could be at risk.

- Advertising (Permanent Ban)
Definition: Speaking of any other hacking website, or hack blog
Quote Originally Posted by RuleBreaker
Guys, this hack isn't working, go to for a working hack.
- Faking Virus Scans (Permanent Ban)
Definition: Faking a virus scan for a hack in attempt to give people a virus while they think it's a clean file.

- Flaming (3 day ban)*
Definition: Harassing and/or insulting another member.
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Fuck you noob, get some skill dumbass
- Posting Outside Download Links/Videos with download links (6 day ban)**
Definition: Posting an outside link to a download site.
Quote Originally Posted by RuleBreaker
Here's my hack: www.mediafi (Remove the space)
- Spamming (1 day ban)*
Definition: Saying something irrelevant/pointless.
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I love chicken!
- Begging for Hacks (2 day ban)*
Definition: Asking/Begging for a person to release a hack/trainer.
Quote Originally Posted by RuleBreaker
@Dreamer make me a trainer with Godmode! I need it fast. Give me a bypass too!
Note: Just because you say "can you" doesn't mean it isn't begging. There is a fine line between requesting and begging.

- No virus scans (2 day ban)*
Definition: Uploading an attachment to MPGH without giving a virus scan of the file (Google "Jotti" or "VirusTotal")

- Posting in the Wrong Section (1 day ban)*
Definition: Posting a thread in the wrong section, if unsure ask.

- Bumping Threads (One month or older) (3 day ban)*
Definition: Posting on a thread where the most recent post is over 30 days old.

- If you leech a hack, give the hack writer credit. Claiming the hack is yours will get you banned. If you don't know who originally released it, put: "Credits: Unknown"

* Subject to punishment under the moderator's/admin's discretion. Punishment shown are only a minimum.
** Unless Approved by Staff.

For a complete list of rules click Here


Read these rules carefully before uploading a hack, mod, or any type of release to MPGH.

Virus Scans
- Scan the file you're uploading with an online virus scanner and post the scan links on the release thread.
- A minimum of Two virus scans are needed for any release.

- A minimum of One screenshot is needed for any release.
- The screenshot must be uploaded to an online image hosting site such as imgur. (Don't upload as an MPGH attachment)

- Attachments must be uploaded to MPGH, not a file sharing site.
- Outside download links are not permitted unless approved beforehand by a moderator.

For a complete tutorial on how to upload a file to MPGH click Here