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    How to cheat on Letterblox with a Scrabble Solver

    Letterblox is a game that gives you six random letters, from which you are supposed to make as many words as you can from them.

    For example, if Letterblox assigned you the letters "AJDKSN" some of the words used could be:
    ands, daks, dank, dans, sand, sank, ads, and, ask, dak, dan, kas, sad, and ska

    Many of those words you would never come to mind -- but if you simply type in the letter combination in to a web tool designed to solve letter combinations for the popular game "Scrabble", you can get several words that you can type in to your Letterblox game to get a easy high score. Some combinations can get over 120 words!

    After you've typed all of the words into Letterblox from the solver you use, then start looking for other words the solver may have missed -- even try random three letter combinations that OMGPOP's ridiculous dictionary has included, listed as "rare" words. Note that Letterblox doesn't allow two letter words, so ignore them if they are given by your solver.

    If you don't have proper resolution to hold two windows as I have, you can simply push the Letterblox window off of your screen as to input words all you have to do is have it as your primary window.

    Me winning a game of Letterblox:

    Good Solvers (You can find more by doing a Google search for "Scrabber Solver"):
    Scrabble Solver
    Scrabble Word Finder - Scrabble Cheat, Scrabble Finder, Scrabble Solver and Scrabble Helper

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