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    Thumbs down Another Ban Dispute


    Last few weeks, I've been really trying my best to keep my bad character down.
    Most of my posts are legit and abide by the rules, but one of you 5 guys always finds one post that's wrong and you go ban me. I don't think it's good for both you (because you waste your time) and me to ban me for stupid and unimportant reasons as there are gazillion posts every day that need to be handled, but still days pass untill they actually are. I cannot take this anymore as I find this behaviour of some MPGH staff innapropriate and subjective towards the people they hate/dislike/disrespect.

    Ban Dispute:

    Therefore, I would like to ask you, Dave/Arunforce/Liz, to unban my main account, @Chuck .
    It got banned for posting porn links in the thread that was filled with porn itself (in the Level 2+ section). The thread was made by Fogest where he shared multiple third-party sites accounts. Many other members mentioned various porn sites, the only difference was that I posted an actual link, which is pretty much the same as saying the porn site's name. With that said, none of those members got infracted/banned for breaking the same rule. What's worse, it got banned for 5 days which I find innapropriate and too harsh (although I'm not sure of this as the Rules thread is down). The account was banned by Thunder (afaik). I asked him through VM's/PM's multiple times to unban my account but he consistently decided to ignore them. I also asked other staff to handle this, but by all of them was I directed to making a ban dispute.


    PS As always, I would sincerely like you to leave the thread open after you've spoken your mind as I might have something to add straight here instead of annoying you with PM/VM.
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