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    Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) Marketplace Information

    • No begging/asking for free accounts in this section.
    • If you're selling/trading an account, you need to have proof that you actually own it by taking in game screen shots of the account.
    • Make sure you use a MM when trading / selling / buying accounts, normal members cannot always be trusted.
    • Only post if you're interested in buying.

    There are currently two official Middlemen.

    If you need something closed, moved or edited you can VM/PM/Mention GM+. The purpose of the Middleman group is to make sure all of your trades go as smoothly as possible. Read THIS thread to learn more about the MM Process.

    It is possible for people to attempt to impersonate us. Here are a few signs to tell if the person you're talking to is a fake:

    • Bad grammar
    • Check their emails against the ones posted in this thread
    • They will insist they're real
    • MM will always PM you so you know they're real
    If you see a scammer/fake MM:
    • Screenshot what they say (active window)
    • Take down any emails / usernames
    • Post a thread HERE following THIS format
    *False reporting will result in a ban

    If you would like to request a trade please make a thread
    , add them on msn, or PM them directly.

    For more information on MM, go to the MM Lounge, HERE.

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