(I searched this on mgame, maybe the addy is different on netgame(just search the right addy))
#define MEM_VERSION			0x006DC340

int result;
void Version()
	result = strcmp(version, "1.112091132" );//compares if version is 1.112091132(MEM_VERSION)

		if(result == 0)//if they are the same then(0 is the same)
		//Add what you want if version does match
	}else{//if the version is not equal 1.112091132 then
                            //This is an example what you can do if version does not match
		AddLog("|| This hack is outdated, wait for a new one!      ||");
		AddLog("|| This hack is working for version: 1.112091132   ||");
		AddLog("|| You're version is: %s                  ||",MEM_VERSION);//probably this address will change after a update, but then it wont be the same as 1.112091132
		MessageBox(0,"Operation has updated, wait for new hack!",0,0);//messagebox
		ExitProcess(0);//exit op7
I also use version to print on the screen witch version you have, so version = MEM_VERSION(sprintf(version, "%s", MEM_VERSION)

How to find it? Easy search Ver 1.(or Ver ) then you will find something like:
.rdata:006DC33C aVer1_112091132 db 'Ver 1.112091132',0  ; DATA XREF: .data:off_6FB2A0o
We dont want the Ver part so we have to do: Addy+0x4, because Ver (including the space) are 4 digits. So it will be 006DC33C+0x4=006DC340
Now it will show the version number

So if you are trying to start the game with you're hack and op7 has been updated it will automatically close op7, and avoiding that people get banned