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1) Selling lvl 30 NO ELO accounts:

We sell lvl 30 accounts without any ranked played, you can just try your luck with one of this accounts and just enjoy your free +50 elo if you are good with them.
For example: You are stucked in elo hell and you dont want to spend much money on paying burst service, just ask for another new account, we'll give you one to rush elo faster, first games give much more rating.

2) Leveling/Farming/Bursting your own account:

We play games with your account and gain level for it or we just can buy the champion you want. We can raise your elo too but it is more expensive.
For example: If you are lvl 18 and want to be 30 faster just ask us! If you want to buy any 6300 and you don't have time, contact us!

3) Referrals:
We add referrals to your account for money, this is a very fast service! We have done so many orders like this.
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4) Number of games:
We just play the number of games you want.
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