The minecraft accounts name is liger, if you purchase this account for the 40$ ill throw it in free...
The lost saga account has a rare username (will tell upon acceptance of offer...)
I love lost saga and i'm going to miss it...but i love diablo more... That's the gist of it.....
Anyways if you have patience i'm positive you can buy and resell this account and make a proofit up to 100$....
Before we start ill say this account is easily worth 200$ BUT as i'm in dire need of money for diablo3!

Here's what it has:
A rare username from games open beta...
level 14 PERMANENT Grand Templar
level 20 PERMANENT Mafia Boss
level 14 PERMANENT Grim Reaper(Female with level 20 hairstyle)
level 10 PERMANENT Wild Tiger
level 13 PERMANENT Kage Ninja
level 12 PERMANENT Lost Samurai (Female with High level hairstyle)
level 11 PERMANENT Lightning Mage
level 10 PERMANENT Taekwon Master
level 10 PERMANENT Death Knight
level 12 PERMANENT Hazama (Premium Hero)
level 18 PERMANENT Ragna (Premium Hero)

1x Gear Design (Unused!)
+4 Permanent Epic Sol Armor
+2 Permanent Epic Ice Hat
+3 Permanent Epic Musketeer Sword
+3 Permanent Epic Mafia Uzi
+4 Permanent Epic Viking Helmet
+6 Permanent Epic Knight Cape
+5 Permanent Epic Shot Gun
+8 Permanent Epic Captain Hook Coat
+2 Permanent Epic Templar Armor
+3 Permanent Epic Mafia Coat
+2 Permanent Epic Lightning Tiara
+3 Permanent Epic Ninja Uniform
+4 Permanent Epic Ninja Mask
+2 Permanent Flame Thrower (Premium Gear)
3x Gear Enchanters
1x Perm Gear Mixer (for 3 random pieces)
1x Perm Gear mixer (for 3 of the same type)
12k Pesos
9 Astros
1x Dwarf Potion (1Hour 50 Minutes Left of the 2Hours)
20x Megaphones
58x golden tokens
And Lastly My Level Is:
2Lt Class 4
Fishing Level 77
Relic Level 30

Payments must be made to my Paypal which i will only give when iv'e found a buyer
you must pay in full upfront, we can use a middleman if needed. then account information will be given.

To Those Who Want To Contact Me, Here is my Facebook
Paul Haas | Facebook
or my email at


Edit:yes this is a re post because i lowered the price and the title wouldn't change...