OtLand IP Changer 9.53 Download


Client launcher.
Detects the latest installed Tibia version and registers it in the application.
Applies multiclient to any existing Tibia version (in case it wouldn't work for some future version, you can enable the gamemaster flag).
Searches for memory address locations instead of using static addresses, which means that it should work for any Tibia client unless the RSA key or login server hostnames are changed.
otserv protocol handler, you can launch the client with changes applied directly from otserv links where the client version is defined.
Option to store client configuration files (and automap files) in separate folders, so that you don't have to lose the settings you had stored in older clients.
Option to force graphics engine for launched clients.

If you encounter any problem trying to launch the application, make sure you have .NET Framework 3.5 installed.


It's not infected.
It's 100% safe.