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    Bullet Run is an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer FPS developed by German-based Acony that will be published by SOE in North America and Europe.

    Set in a near future, Bullet Run is going to lead players to a life-or-death reality show. In it, players act as contestants in a deadly show to kill with style and attitude for fame and stardom. By battles, player can earn Heat to level up Fame and unlock more skills and weapons. It provides two game modes, six killer arenas, eight kill skills, a large arsenal of weapons and hundreds of vanity items. Other features available include active reload, nemesis system and taunt system, etc.. Details of main contents are as such:

    Two Game Modes – up to 20 players can battle against each other in two modes, Team Deathmatch or Dominion.
    Six Killer Arenas – A multiple game maps are offered for players to battle against varied settings from industrial landscapes to desert wilderness.
    Eight Kill Skills – Unique abilities can be trained and bring in advanced technology to use in battle, including damage heals, berserker mode, enemy-trapping robots, aerial ammo attacks, devastating mini-gun action and so on.
    Active Reload – To match the fast-paced matches, the game brings in the Active Reload system, in which players are offered to chance to reload weapons faster. When players hit reload, a circular interface shows up; hitting the mark makes faster reload but gun jam if the mark is missed.
    Others – Nemesis system is used to identify the contestant who constantly blocks your path to stardom; and taunt system offers custom animations to help pump up the crowd; and the Heat system is to encourage and reward exciting gameplay.
    If you sense Bullet Run seems to be similar to another game that you’ve ever heard, you are not alone and you are probably right about it. It’s quite likely that Bullet Run is a revamped Hedone, another FPS with the same reality show storyline and basic mechanics that has been developed by the same developer. And the connection between the two titles is also enhanced by the fact of directing you to the official site of Bullet Run.

    Now, at the official site the beta sign-up is live. And the game is promised to go live this summer.
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