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    Arrow How to post a Hack/File correctly.

    So you're interested in posting a file on MPGH.
    Whether it be an application, hack, or tool, this is the correct way of posting it.

    Now lets get started on the proper etiquette when posting a file.

    1) Screenshot - First you're going to need a screen shot of the program in use.
    - This varies upon release, I.E if you're posting a bypass a screen shot is not mandatory.

    2) Scan it
    - Second, you're going to need two virus scans. One from each of these locations:
    - This is MANDATORY with every release.

    3) Post it
    - Third, you're going to need to upload the file to your thread using the "Manage Attachments" button located towards the bottom of the screen. Looks like this:

    I don't like it!!

    You might find these rules harsh but they are put into place to insure the protection users. We don't want viruses spread on our forums like other sites. Staff in MPGH ensure a safe experience and put our utmost effort into keeping it like that.


    Consequences will vary upon the severity of the mod.
    I can assure you that evading approval rules and posting a direct link will result in a quick ban.

    Any thread not following these rules will be allowed a grace period (up to the mod's discretion) to fix their post. There on after it's considered spam and will be Deleted and the poster banned..

    If you need a more direct approach with pictures too, then read this thread:
    Thanks to Zoom.
    How to post a File Correctly on MPGH

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