Hello Mpgh forumer.

iam from player Shadow company indonesian.

i have read isue one clan ERC use wallhack, but one member from ERC post base in official website.

maybe GM SC INA blok this base now.

i have copy this base, but i dont know what must i do.

////////////////////// taruh di global /////////////
#define LoverZ 100+72
#define LoverZ1 100+52
#define LoverZ2 92
#define LoverZ3 72
#define LoverZ4 62
#define LoverZ5 52
#define LoverZ6 42
#define PBWH 82
#define Pacht 70+66
#define PBPacth 101
#define PB1 41+41
#define PB2 20+20+1+1
#define pacht1 5

//BYTE Hook[] = {0x8B, 0xFF, 0x55}==0}
int D3Dhook(void)
DWORD vTable[Pacht]={0};
do {
hD3D = GetModuleHandle("d3d9.dll");
if (!hD3D) Sleep(250+100);
} while(!hD3D);

if (D3Ddiscover((void *)&vTable[0],210+210)==0) return 0;

// adr = FindPattern(hD3D, 0x128000, (PBYTE)"\xC7\x06\x00\x00\x00\x00\x89\x86\x00\x00\x 00\x00\x89\x86", "xx????xx????xx");
if(memcmp((void*)vTable[PBWH],(void*)(PBYTE)"\x8B\xFF\x55",3)== 0)
// memcpy(&vTable,(void *)(adr+2),4);
pReset = (pReset); DetourCreate((PBYTE) vTable[LoverZ], (PBYTE)myDrawIndexedPrimitive, PBPacth);
pReset = (pReset); DetourCreate((PBYTE) vTable[LoverZ1], (PBYTE)myDrawIndexedPrimitive, PBPacth);
pReset = (pReset); DetourCreate((PBYTE) vTable[LoverZ2], (PBYTE)myDrawIndexedPrimitive, PBPacth);
pReset = (pReset); DetourCreate((PBYTE) vTable[LoverZ3], (PBYTE)myDrawIndexedPrimitive, PBPacth);
pReset = (pReset); DetourCreate((PBYTE) vTable[LoverZ4], (PBYTE)myDrawIndexedPrimitive, PBPacth);
pReset = (pReset); DetourCreate((PBYTE) vTable[LoverZ5], (PBYTE)myDrawIndexedPrimitive, PBPacth);
pReset = (pReset); DetourCreate((PBYTE) vTable[LoverZ6], (PBYTE)myDrawIndexedPrimitive, PBPacth);

pDrawIndexedPrimitive = (oDrawIndexedPrimitive) DetourCreate((PBYTE)vTable[PB1], (PBYTE)myDrawIndexedPrimitive, pacht1);
pEndScene = (oEndScene) DetourCreate((PBYTE) vTable[PB2], (PBYTE)myEndScene, pacht1);
return 0;
char* cBase::GetFile(char *file)
static char path[320];
for(int i= 0;i<strlen(path);i++)
strcpy(path, Base.dllpath);
strcat(path, file);
return path;