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    Lightbulb Bullet Run™ Update 113 is now Live!!

    As we move into our second month, we have brought together a host of updates to Bullet Run to make the show even more exciting for contestants and fans alike. Weapons

    First, I want to talk about the exciting new changes to the weapons in Bullet Run.

    As mentioned last week, we have been working with our weapon suppliers to improve the weapon situation for contestants. As a result of this meeting we are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to remove all repair charges for weapons used in Bullet Run! This means that contestants will not have to worry about their weapons condition any more. In addition, we are now able to offer weapons on a 1, 3, and 7-day rental basis, giving contestants the opportunity to try out different loadout options.

    No More Weapon Repairs

    All currently owned weapons restored to 100% condition
    Weapon Rental System Introduced

    All primary and secondary weapons available as 1, 3, or 7-day rentals for In-Game Currency (IGC) or Station Cash (SC).
    1-day rentals from as little as 43SC / 3000IGC
    7-day rentals from as little as 149SC (less than 20SC a day equivalent) / 14700IGC
    Weapon rentals for rank 1 – 10 weapons will be on 50% IGC sale
    With these new features we have restructured the pricing model of all permanent weapons, mods, skins, and decals, leading to some very substantial reductions:

    Permanent Weapons Prices Adjusted

    Permanent purchases will change to SC-only after this weekend. We are informing players now so that you can take advantage of being able to buy with IGC before the new system is implemented.
    No weapons already purchased will be removed from players. Any weapons you have already purchased will continue to be available.
    Primary Black Weapons reduced in price by almost 50%
    Secondary Black Weapons reduced in price by almost 65%
    Weapon Mods Prices Adjusted:

    SC prices slashed by up to 65%
    IGC prices re-adjusted in line with increases to earnings
    Skin and Decal Prices Adjusted:

    SC Prices slashed by up to 75%
    IGC prices re-adjusted in line with increases to earnings
    Also as part of these changes / updates we have added the 556 Patrol Assault Rifle to the selection available to contestants.

    556 Patrol added as a rank 27 Assault Rifle, with a full range of mods, skins, and decals
    Stats: Damage 5.8, Accuracy 6, Range 8, Mobility 8.5, Fire Rate 5.5

    Lazar Tech Recommended Mod Loadout:

    High Velocity Magazine and Barrel Brake – Make those hits count!

    Also discussed previously was our intention to secure new arenas for shows. I'm very excited to announce that all contracts have been signed and the team has finished setting up our new location…The Island!

    The Island is an abandoned holiday resort in which contestants will find themselves competing amongst sun loungers, cocktail bars, and even an aquarium! This location offers something for all play styles and is sure to be popular.
    Both TDM & Dominion game modes are supported
    New Contestant Guidance

    To help new contestants get used to the features of Bullet Run, we have implemented a 'Game Tips' system in key areas.

    Added to multiple areas of the game to help guide players through their initial Bullet Run Experiences
    Finally, we have made some updates to some of the systems used in the show:

    Default Character

    Set to Female
    Friendly Fire

    Set to Off as default on server creation
    We hope contestants enjoy these new additions and we look forward to even more exciting shows.

    Fame At Any Cost,
    John J Lazar
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