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    WTS - LoL Power Level Service 1-30 All Servers

    Hi All,

    I wish to sell my service of Power Level accounts on LoL.


    - For people that are looking to have a smurf account
    - For people that want to start new ranking to go out of ELO HELL.
    - Anti-Scam since the account will not be recover after sold because you are the creator.

    Number of Simultaneous Accounts leveling = 30 (15 NA and 15 EUW)

    How it works:

    - The account will only play Costum Games and Coop Games vs AI. It will not play any Normal Games with other players so you don't get any report so no BAN!.
    - With XP Boost could take up to 6 days more and less, but still making improvements to be faster.
    - You can create an account as your will in any Server, next provide me login of account so I can level up.
    - The IP Gain it's low, for 1-30 without IP boost it's more and less 10k IP.
    - I use my own bot to do this, you can buy it also if you desire.

    How to Order:

    1st) Make Payment (on Paypal Buttons bellow or Send PM with PSC).

    2nd) Provide logins of the account and Server on the Payment so I can start lvl up.

    Note: You can still order via Skype or PM talk. During lvl up don't login on the account plus I will ignore all buddy list of the account. So you can check the state on or ask me

    LvL UP - Prices
    Any Level to 30 - 12.5€ / 16$

    Any Level to 30 + 10 refs2 = 17.5€ / 22$

    10 Refs2 Prize = 975RP + 1 Rune Page + 5K IP


    Notes: Payments are always upfront, since it's very cheap value and you can recover the account and don't pay it. Don't worry if you pay in Euros since paypal does the conversion automatic. Prices include the XP boost paid by me.
    Made already more than 50 accounts like this, and got positive feedback of +90 rating on **** forum.

    If you want more details please add on skype : cocacola131

    There exist already some scammers trying to fake as me with skype "cocacola.131", "nhcbotdeveloper" and so on.
    Please if you want to speak with me on skype, click on the Skype button bellow my avatar or add: cocacola131.

    Plus I always request trade request on forum, if someone says that wants to sell you refs without "trade" on forum, suspect that its not me!!

    My Machines:

    I7 860 2,8ghz@3,7ghz
    16GB Dual Channel 1600mhz RAM
    2xSSD 120GB Vertex 3
    GPU - ATI HD6870 1GB

    AMD FX8120 3,1GHZ@4GHZ
    20GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHZ
    1x SSD 120GB OCZ Agility

    I7 2700K 3,5ghz@3,5ghz
    24GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM
    2xSSD 120GB Agility
    GPU - HD 7870 2GB

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