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    I need a very simple hack for some iOS games plz make it for me

    I was looking for this hack ( trainer ) for a very very long time , and I tried to make it but I failed , could someone do me a favor and make it for me please please please please , and I want it for GTA Chinatown Wars , GTA III and Gangstar West Coast Hustle , and I want the hack ( trainer ) for both ipa and deb ( cydia ) version , and I want the hacks ( trainers ) for both HD ( iPad ) normal ( iPhone and iPod touch ) version , and the hack is :

    I can change the altitude of the player alone or inside the vehicle ( there will be a botton in the trainer menu to choose the " X " , " Y " and " Z " of the object ( the player alone or the player inside the car ) and I can know the the " X " , " Y " and " Z " that he is in before I can change it and after I change it , and there will be a lock for the " X " , " Y " and " Z " coordinates *( like if he was in the air he will stay in the same " Z " position until I unlock the lock the " Z " coordinate ) .

    And if there any update in the future for these games can I ask you to update the trainers too ? .

    Sorry for my bad English , because I'm not English , but Please please please please make it for me and email it to me after you make it ( my email " FM.WHEELMAN@HOTMAIL.COM " ) .

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    That is not the type of thing you could hack into an iPhone game, at least not by using a trainer: the only 'buttons' on an Iphone game are the ones that app uses, so many of the traditional pc trainer hacks cannot be done simply because, unlike on a pc game, an iPhone game doesn't have dozens of unused buttons for you to bind your hacks to. the hack could be made, but the user could not actually activate the hacks because there would be no button for it.

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