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Selling steam account 37 games bo2 - mw3 + proof of purchase


1 - I won’t go first in any situation. I accept only Official Middle Man if the buyer needs one.
2 - Post before adding so I know who you are
3 - I wont refund and I am not responsible for the account after the purchase and If you chargeback I will open a scam report.
4 - I do not trade unless stated otherwise.
5 - account are VAC clean and verified on my email address.
6 - Payments via Paypal,moneybookers & Liberty Reserve, and sent as gift with the Note : I am buying a Virtual item and will not dispute.
7 - When you trade with me, you accept all of these rules.

Pictures: https://i.imgur.com/tZvOF.png Price: €15

Contact me skype hfkokooo1991 msn hfkokooo@hotmail.com