I'm looking for someone experienced with locating various points of interest in memory. I am currently a complete newb when it comes to finding anything but numerical values, and I'm looking for an ObjectManager (and possibly structs and descriptors for it, I prefer C#). I've done a bit of hack programming with World of Warcraft (5.0+ flyhack, climbhack, black market AH info, private gatherbot) but all of these locations I never had to find for myself since there are already many people dedicated to updating these locations within hours of a patch (or I had a signature to scan with).

So yeah! If you are good with memory and would like to help me out, give me a shout! Also, the ability to generate byte sigs for me to use in keeping these locations up to date through patches is a HUGE plus.

FYI, I'm looking at the possibility for auto-aim, line of sight hack, radar... you know basically the only hacks possible with this game. (hacking coins and xp, etc isn't possible cause its all server-side.)