I tried to mess around with the symbols in APB. I found out that the predefinied symbols are stored in seperat files in the dir:


I found out that u can swap them if they have the same filesize, just like the old carpart hack.

Then i tried to alter them without succsess. I used the S_Christmas_Mouth_01.bin (it has only one symbol in it). I XOR'ed every byte separate but either nothing happend, the layer got invisible/vanished or the game crashed when I tried to access the preset symbols ingame.

Now I need more ideas to continue, so:

-Where are the filesizes stored? -seems to be encrypted - simple stringsearch doesn't work, this information could reenable the carpart hack
-Does anybody have a Structural description of these formats?
-are these files encrypted or do they have a checksum?
-it seems theyre not older than dez'11, can anyone upload a older one?