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    [Alert] MPGH Security Breach.

    Today at 11:00AM GMT, MPGH's MySQL database was hacked through a SQL injection exploit (I will not reveal what statement/string was used to break through the security). The IP address of the perpetrator has been logged and we are currently working with security firms to help look into this ongoing investigation. The issue is that the person who performed the exploit is behind a VPN and we require assistance from others to trace it.

    We've reported this exploit to the creators of vBulletin and hope that they patch this exploit as soon as possible to prevent damage on other forums powered by vBulletin.

    We've analysed the logs around the time of breach and have noticed that the database containing sensitive information such as passwords, emails and birthdays may have been accessed.

    As a result of this security breach, we recommend that you change your passwords immediately. Note that they are not stored in plain-text (that would be really stupid) because passwords are submitted to the server as a MD5 hash anyway when you log in and are stored with extra encryption and protection when stored in the database. However with the prevalence of rainbow tables and password-cracking tools that support GPU acceleration and even dedicated servers which perform password cracking, converting these salted passwords into plain-text may not be such a challenge assuming the salt is found.

    Everyone will receive a PM or e-mail soon notifying them to change their passwords immediately (Dave needs to do this but he's sleeping). The faster you change it, the safer you are. Also, just in-case you think that changing the password will just result the database in being accessed again, don't worry, we've patched the PHP file that was exploited.

    Thank you for your co-operation,
    MPGH Staff.

    tl;dr - MPGH was breached, change your passwords ASAP.

    7K guise, ban me. This is not real, MPGH is safe.
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