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    Pirate Galaxy Any Kind of Hack/Bot? [Request]

    I've been in this page for like 1 month or so, dont remember
    but i'd ike to ask if there's any programmer or hacker that could hack Pirate Galaxy game, its an MMORPG, old but gold! still have players there, its nice and all but there are some things that makes it boring..

    The Page of the game, so you can play it and see what you guys could do

    Pirate Galaxy | Free To Play | MMORPG

    The Cryonite:

    The Cryonite is like Ummm... the "Game Money" which is obtained by killing "Mantis" (NPC's)
    which they are on every-system (Vega, Antares, Gemini, Mizar, Sol, Draconis, Sirius and the Recent releaced Tau Ceti System) all of them has up to 3-10 Planets or so

    The problem what makes this game boring is that for buy ships, you need Cryonite, right? but the higher the system you go, the more expensive the ship and Tech/Weapons for the ship IS!

    Another Component on the game is the "Energy"

    there are 8 Preset buttons for every ship on the game (Vega has 6 and antares 7)
    and each of these components uses a small ammount of energy, so, if you ran out of Energy, there are certain Spots where you can fill up and get Energy for still use items (there's a shop too, where you can buy Membership, which is 0 Energy Consumption, Unlimited Energy)

    There are different types of ships listed below:

    Storms (+Firepower, -Armor)
    Shock (+Stun, -Armor, +/- Firepower)
    Engineer (++Healing, --Firepower, +/- Armor)
    Tanks (+/- Healing, +++Armor, +Firepower)
    Snipers (+++Firepower, --Armor, +/- Healing)
    Defender (+Firepower, +Healing, +Armor)
    Hybrids (Depends on the Ship.. {Sirius Ships class})


    This is the "Real Money" of the game, which can be obtained by level-in up (Which gives 50 gold each level up)
    Or.. Buy some with credit cards/Cellphone Text Messages

    Ok, lets get back to the topic..

    the problem with this game, as i mentioned before, its the cryonite, each mantis drops about "1" up to "620" Maximum (not counting Sirius system, they drop up til 20,000 but you need like 10 people to make drop that, its the hardest system)

    And if you have a strong ship and go cryonite hunting to lower systems for example, you have a very strong ship from "Sol system", and you want to go kill some Mantis Harvesters on Mizar System (This mantis loots Cryonite from the Planet, its the mantis that drops best Cryonite) on Molikar, that will be a problem, molikar has good Cryonite Drop, but the problem is that the game has a "Limiter" that the stronger your ship is, the higher chance of Non-Dropping Cryonite will be, max is up to 20%

    so, you have to spend alot of hours to just get like 30,000 Cryonite, thats a good ammount, at least below Mizar System..
    But right now the game has gotten very far, and the Ships are more expensive

    there are Exclusive ships, called "Parsec Class" they are the Most expensive ships on the game, they are unlocked at level 35 (the max level on game right now is 85)

    Parsec class has still same Class but they are the "Bests of the best"
    Tank, Storm, Engineer and Shock

    Each ship Cost:
    645.800 Cryonite (not counting that ill list below)
    1st Armor: (Mizar Armor: 350,000)
    2nd Armor: (Sol Armor: 450,000)
    3rd Armor: (Draconis Armor: 560,000 avg)
    4th Armor: (Ancient/Sirius Armor: 645,800 Avg)

    With the tech on it, which is
    Blasters, Collectors, Repair Droid, Afterburner, and the Other 4 Keys, which depends on the Class ship Type

    these 8 tech + the ship + all armors
    Cost around 4,500,000 of Cryonite....
    even if you dont want these ships, from Mizar system and up, the ships still pretty expensive, starting from 100,000 to 1,900,000 Fully Equiped Ship (Mizar to Sirius)

    So.. thats it! i tried to Resume all what was about the game, so you guys/hackers/Programmers could understand most of it and whats the "Goal" of the game (the goal is do missions and unlock systems, as well as get ships and get stronger)

    This game is all about "Grinding" Cryonite killing alot of harvs (Normally you can make 10,000 Cryonite in 1 hour and half, ONLY 10,000!!)

    Thats it, so i want to ask if any hacker/Programmer can Make a Cryonite Hack or a Bot that hunt Mantis, loot Cryonite, get energy by itself, flee away if damaged, repair if damaged. etc..

    i know this game CAN be hacked, there's no game free from hacks, its JUST that this game is very under-rated and not many people knows about this game

    so, as i said above, Can hackers/programmers make a energy, or Cryonite hack or a bot that hunt Cryonite by all itself, so you can leave it botting and getting cryo there while you sleep, or while you go outside doing stuff..

    I Really Really hope that someone can hack this game, and make life easier those who plays this game

    Cheers and Happy Easter <3

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