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    Getting Started In Game Hacking

    This is direct c+p from the forum I originally posted this on, but I assure you it is 100% written by me, unfortunately for many of you the game I based this on not many of you will have so that's a bit of a downer but you might be able to learn something anyway. Dam I also just released all the download with it are on another forum, well when I have time I'll re-upload them all in attachments. So anyway here we go:

    Ok in this tutorial I'm going to go in depth (hopefully) on how to find addies in Tsearch then I'll show you ways on how to make a trainer in either TMK or VB 6.0. I won't bother with c++ because their is already a good tutorial on here by CD , Link removed before I get in trouble

    I have included video's as well for making the trainer's, so if you have trouble finding something you can view that and see what I did.

    So let's get started:

    Tools needed:
    Tsearch - Link removed before I get in trouble
    Game - I'm going to be using Delta Force Black Hawk Down (v1.5.0.5) as the example because it has no anti-cheat and is easy to work with.

    So let's gogogo

    Open DFBHD and make your own server, now alt+tab open TSearch. Now at the top right of the window their is a button that says Open Process, Click that and choose 'dfbhd.exe'.

    I am going to show you how to find the EMP hack (which lets you walk around with an emplaced weapon)

    Go into your bhd game and attach yourself to an emp(default key shift) then alt +tab and click the little magnify glass on the left located under Open Process.

    Choose Exact Value and put 1 in the empty box click Ok.

    at this point you will have lots and lots and lots of addies. Click Ok.

    Now go back ingame and get off the emplaced weapon (using shift or moving arrow keys)

    Now alt+tab and in tsearch choose the magnify glass to second from the left under Open Process. Choose Exact Value and put 0 in the empty box and click ok.

    Now go back ingame and re-attach yourself to the emplaced weapon go back into tsearch and click the magnify glass second from the left again and choose Exact Value 1 click ok.

    Go back ingame and get of the emplaced weapon again, go back to Tsearch and click the magnify glass second from the left again and choose Exact Value 0 and Click ok.

    Keep doing the last 2 steps until you are down to only a few addresses.

    Now that we only have 10 or so addresses look for the address 1FF01BB (most likely located on the top of the list)

    If you do not have the address 1FF01BB, then maybe you have done something wrong or your game is slightly different. Try repeating every step again, if that doesn't work then
    you might have the problem I had. Whenever your on emp the value is 2 instead of 1, so everytime I told you to search exact value 1 when on emp search exact value 2 instead.
    Still having trouble? pm and I will assist you 1 on 1.

    double left click the address and it should move into the empty space on the right

    Right click the line and choose edit, change the description to EMP and click Ok.

    Now go to the top of the window and go to AutoHack.

    Choose Enable debugger.

    Now right click the address and choose AutoHack.

    Now go back ingame and do something to alter the address, because we are searching for emp we will attach ourselves to the emp and then get off.

    Now go back to tsearch and go to AutoHack up the top and then AutoHack Window.

    Click the top address

    Now go to the Tmk tab up the top and then go Button Script

    Well it seems we have been sucessful and we have the patched script and unpatched script for emp.

    Tmk button script
    Copy and Past into tmk using ctrl+V
    Ex: Patched script for a ON button
    and Unpatched script for a OFF button
    Patched script:
    Poke 4D4462 90 90 90 90 90 90
    UnPatched script:
    Poke 4D4462 89 9E 30 01 00 00
    The Patched script:
    Poke4D4462 90 90 90 90 90 90

    is the Emp On poke

    and then UnPatched Script:
    Poke 4D4462 89 9E 30 01 00 00

    is the Emp Off poke.

    So we end up with:
    EMP On
    poke 4D4462 90 90 90 90 90 90
    EMP Off
    poke 4D4462 89 9E 30 01 00 00
    Well now that we found the addies it's time to put them into action

    Kryptech- 1on1 lesson'ed me helping me get this right stupid puter different to other grr value 2 :P
    Sysdump- He helped me too
    Once again All Mod's, VIP's + Admins - self explanatory :P

    Making the Trainer

    I'm going to split this into 2 parts. I'm going to show Basic- A trainer in TMK, Fairly Basic - Trainer in vb6.0 using Mr.A module.

    Tool's Needed:
    Trainer Maker Kit- Link removed before I get in trouble

    Let's get started.

    Open TMK and choose the Project name: e.g My First TMK Trainer and click Create.

    So now let's get started on the trainer Right Click the greyish area on the window and choose properties change the Caption to what you want to name your trainer and then close the window.

    now let's add 2 buttons, looks like this -

    When you add the 2 buttons they will appear on each other so click the one on top and move it across next to the original.

    Now right click on the first button and choose Properties.
    change the caption to EMP On and then close that window.

    Now right click the same button again and choose Write memory actions.
    Copy and Paste the poke we got b4 in Tsearch for EMP On

    poke 4D4462 90 90 90 90 90 90
    and click apply.

    Now right click the second button and choose properties and change the caption to EMP Off and then close the window.

    Then right click the same button and choose Write memory actions again and copy and paste the code we got for EMP Off

    poke 4D4462 89 9E 30 01 00 00
    If your having trouble getting the buttons the same size then hold Control button (on keyboard) and click both buttons now go to Edit> Make same size > Both

    Now go to Build Settings located on the left panel towards the bottom

    and make your settings like this:

    Now that we've done the buttons we can have some fun and make them colourful, right click the buttons and choose properties and then the Color tab, Untick the box that says 'Use default system color' and change the color's to your liking. You can do the same with the hack window.

    By now you might have something looking a little like this:


    Now that you've made your practice trainer, you can save it, File>Save Project.

    Now for the last step, click the Build button which is up the top towards the right, looks like this:

    If all has gone well you should now have a .exe file in the folder in which you saved your trainer. This .exe file is your trainer.

    Congratulations on making your first trainer in TMK


    Chris62590- He originally showed me how to use this program months back if not over a year except he doesn't remember it
    Sysdump- He just elite
    All Admins,Mods + VIP's- Pretty self explanatory

    Video Version: [youtube]XdlpUJjNsYc[tube]
    watch in HD and Fullscreen

    Moderately Basic-
    Tools Needed:
    Visual Basic 6.0- Cannot supply link publicly because it is warez, but if you want the program pm me and I will send you a link.
    Anarchy's Trainer Module v6.0- Link removed before I get in trouble

    Chameleon Buttons-Link removed before I get in trouble

    Let's get started,

    open Visual Basic 6.0 and choose Standard Exe (the program may automatically do this for you)

    Go to the blank white space to the right and right click,

    choose Add, then Module. Choose existing and find the Trainer_Module_v6 which you just downloaded. (You must extract the file from the .rar file before hand)

    Now right click the white space again and choose Add then User Control, choose existing and find Chameleon Button in which you just downloaded (once again you must extract the file from the .rar file before hand)

    Now let's add 2 buttons, it is this button.

    draw them out to the size in which you want.

    now click the button on the left and change the caption to EMP On, and then click the button on the right and change the caption to EMP Off

    to change caption click here:

    Now lets add 2 timers. The timer is this button:

    Draw them out anywhere because they will not be visible on your trainer.

    At this stage you should have something looking like this:

    Now double left click on your form, anywhere e.g here:

    Now you will be on a screen that says this:

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    End Sub
    What we are going to do is tell the program what it is attaching too, in this case dfbhd v1.5. So we put in the window name which is Delta Force, V1.5.0.5 so it will be like this

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    CurrentProcess = "Delta Force, V1.5.0.5
    End Sub
    Now go back to you view of the form, click this button:

    Double click on your button EMP On, we are going to put in the poke to turn it on, now back when we found the poke we had
    EMP On
    poke 4D4462 90 90 90 90 90 90
    EMP Off
    poke 4D4462 89 9E 30 01 00 00
    for Visual Basic instead of using 'poke' we use 'Call WriteByteString'

    the EMP On will change to

    Call WriteByteString(&H4D4462, "909090909090")

    So we shall put in

    Private Sub cmd1_Click()
    Call WriteByteString(&H4D4462, "909090909090")
    End Sub
    Now go back to the view of the form and double click on the button EMP Off

    once again we take of the poke from the start and change it.

    so we will have

    Private Sub cmd2_Click()
    Call WriteByteString(&H4D4462, "899E30010000")
    End Sub
    Now go back to your view of the form and click the first timer.

    We are going to use this timer to make a hotkey to turn EMP On

    Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    If GetKeyPress(18) And GetKeyPress(vbKey1) Then ' Alt + 1 to turn Emp On
    Call cmd1_Click ' cmd1_Click was the place which we put our on poke for EMP
    End If  ' whenever you make an If statement you must end it.
    End Sub
    Now lets go back to the form view and double click the second timer

    We are going to do the same as what we did with first timer but this time we are making it for the EMP Off poke so we're going to change the hotkey and what we are calling so we will have this:

    Private Sub Timer2_Timer()
    If GetKeyPress(11) And GetKeyPress(vbKey1) Then ' Ctrl + 1 to turn EMP Off
    Call cmd2_Click ' cmd2_Click was where we put the off poke
    End If ' once again we made and If statement so we must end it
    End Sub
    Now that we've done the coding we can go back to the form view and muck around with colours a bit. Click your form once and go to the right in the Properties tab it will have:

    BackColor &H8000000F&

    click on the arrow thing and then go to the Palette and choose a good background for the form.

    The only downside to using the buttons in which we did means you can't change the color's of them.

    But that doesn't matter for now.

    You may also want to change the caption of your form it is highlighted below in blue.

    After you've done that we shall start the program and see if it works.

    If it doesn't run then you've done something wrong work out the problem and then fix it and run it again. (If you can't work out the problem ask me for help)

    Let's save our project

    File> Save Project As

    I'm going to save as Trainer Tut, choose where you want the project to be saved to.

    Now let's make our project into and .exe

    go to File> Make "your trainer's name".exe

    Name it what you want and where you want it to save to.

    If all has gone well you should just have created your first trainer in visual basic 6.0, congratz.

    Mr.A - his module's of course, his module doing most of the work :P
    Jo3y - taught me some of this
    DC ICP - read about hotkey's in one of his poke lists
    Once again All Mod's, VIP's + Admins - once again pretty self explanatory :P

    Video Version: [youtube]6Cii7jWv-fs[tube]
    watch in HD and Fullscreen

    Hope you enjoyed this tutorial today

    Admins, Mods or VIP feel free to edit this in places where I might not have explained in full detail.

    And others feel free to tell me where I might have written something wrong or something that needs to be explained better.

    If you post this elsewhere please give credits to those who I gave to and maybe me as well :P

    +rep's and thx are appreciated but you don't have to if you don't want to
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