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    How to MPGH

    This thread is a general information hub for MPGH. It displays the different ranks of MPGH: MPGH staff, delegatory, and special usergroups. In addition, it answers commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions, you may ask by creating a thread in this very section.

    MPGH Staff

    Head Administrator




    Staff Administrator


    Global Moderator




    Minionforce Plus




    Game Hacking Team


    Middleman Team


    Delegatory, Special Usergroups

    Former Staff

    Trusted Member

    Super User



    Premium Seller

    Premium Member






    Avatar Sizes

    Cocksucker: 50x50
    Super User: 200x250
    Trusted Member: 200x250
    Former Staff: 200x250
    Premium Member: 200x250
    Premium Seller: 200x250
    Contributor: 200x200
    Publicist: 200x250
    Middleman: 200x250
    Minionforce: 200x250
    Minionforce Plus: 200x275
    Moderator: 200x300
    Global Moderator: 200x300
    Member Level 1: 150x150
    Member Level 2: 175x175
    Member Level 3: 180x200
    Member Level 4: 180x250

    User Levels

    Member Level 1: 10-2499 Posts
    Member Level 2: 2500-4999 Posts
    Member Level 3: 5000-9999 Posts
    Member Level 4: 10000+ Posts

    User Post Count Ranks

    New Member: 0 Posts
    Newbie: 25 Posts
    Novice: 50 Posts
    Member: 100 Posts
    Advanced Member: 150 Posts
    Dual-Keyboard Member: 250 Posts
    Expert Member: 500 Posts
    Bobo's Trainer: 750 Posts
    MPGH Expert: 1000 Posts
    Synthetic Hacker: 1250 Posts
    Blackhat Hacker: 1500 Posts
    Whitehat Hacker: 2000 Posts
    Bobo's Guardian : 2500 Posts
    Upcoming MPGHiean: 3000 Posts
    MPGH Addict: 3500 Posts
    MPGHiean: 4000 Posts
    MPGH Knight: 4500 Posts
    MPGH Lord: 5000 Posts
    MPGH Champion: 5500 Posts
    MPGH King: 6000 Posts
    MPGH Legend: 6500 Posts
    MPGH God: 7000 Posts
    MPGH God II: 7500 Posts
    MPGH God III: 8000 Posts
    MPGH God IV: 8500 Posts
    MPGH God V: 9000 Posts
    MPGH Overdose: 9500 Posts
    ?????????????: 10000 Posts
    MPGH Keyboard Bully: 11000 Posts
    MPGH Enemy #1: 12000 Posts


    How do I get a custom user title tag other people have (such as Starbucks or Derp)? Click here.
    How do I change my username? Click here.
    How do I enable two factor authentication? Click here.
    Why can't I post links or send private messages? Click here.
    How do I dispute an infraction or ban? Click here.
    How do I recover my account? Click here.
    How do I close/delete my account? Click here.
    How do I purchase a special usergroup? Click here.
    How do I purchase adspace? Click here.
    Why can't I edit my post?
    Posts are locked after 24 hours, contact a moderator of the section to request an edit. Moderators are located at the bottom of the page.

    Why doesn't my usertitle show up?
    Usertitles require at least 10 posts to show up. If you have 10 posts and it still doesn't update/change, it's most likely due to our forum cache. Give it time to update.

    What are birthday and post bans?

    Birthday and post bans are an old tradition of MPGH where you create thread in the General section and request to be banned if you have achieved a certain milestone of posts or it is your birthday.

    Some things you should be aware of:
    • You can request a post ban starting from 1,337 posts, then at 2,000, followed by every 1,000 posts you gain, including 13,337. Create a thread on your exact milestone postcount.
    • You can request a birthday ban on your birthday.
    • The bans last 24 hours.
    • You can rat out members if they are avoiding a postban only if they are active members of general. This does not apply to staff, as some staff members may feel the need to skip out their ban to attend to their duties.
    • Postbans can be as creative as you want it to be, just as long as it is within the realms of the general website rules. For example.
    • Mention moderators or global moderators to ask for your ban. Ask global moderators to unban you when your 24 hours are up. Minion and up must ask administrators for bans, and global moderator or administrators for unbans.

    What is Two Factor Authentication and why should I enable it?
    2 Factor authentication is a way for you to keep your account safe beyond just a password. It requires you to input a secondary authentication key from an authentication device such as a phone that generates a one time rotating 30 second key that constantly changes. This prevents hackers and other nefarious people from gaining access to your account. As the MPGH marketplace is a significant source of trading and exchanging of millions of dollars worth of goods, hackers will use your high reputation account to impersonate you and scam legitimate users out of their hard earned money. As such, this feature will keep your account safe. If you get hacked without 2 Factor Authentication enabled, you will be responsible for repaying any money from users affected by your "stolen / hacked" account. Click Here to enable two factor authentication.

    Why doesn't my uploaded avatar stay as a GIF?
    There are two requirements for a GIF avatar. One, it must be within the specified limits of your usergroup. Two, it must be within the file size limits of the avatar. Generally under 1 MB is the suggested file size. We don't have the exact limits published for each usergroup at this time. If these two conditions aren't met. Your animated GIF avatar will convert to a one frame static image.
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