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    Would you pay for something like thiis?

    At the moment I am coding my website and putting quite alot of time into it and wondering if I could sell the source here for more profit.

    What the source will be once finished
    • License input with verification to see if legit
    • Secure homepage login system usernane password easily added in MySQL
    • No registration, Usernames and passes have to be entered into the DB manually
    • Immune to most SQLi (If not all)
    • If license is legit return a specific field (I'm using ***** codes)
    • limit number of codes which can be gotten in a time period (I'm using 24Hour)
    • Once a code has been redeemed disable it in the list so everyone gets working codes
    • Timed licenses so it will disable after a set amount of days
    • Tracking number of fields in the database on redeem page (How many codes etc)
    • Admin page to show Code redeemed/*****/Ip address
    • Ip logging upon logging in / redeeming
    • Datebase included License/*****name/Paypal address

    Coded in HTML / CSS / PHP and uses a bootstrap login. If you have everything I'll be setting it up with the databases etc if needed. I won't post screenshots as it looks pretty ugly atm trying to get the server side sorted out atm.

    This is my first REAL project in PHP, I am still a beginner and it may be some time before this is finished. I'm learning PHP while coding this.
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